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Telecommunication Industry in Pakistan

Telecommunication Industry in Pakistan

21st century is called the century of revolutions. It brings lots of changes in all over the world. There was a time when there is no concept of Mobile Phone Technology in Pakistan or even about the land line Telephone are also very rare. Before 1900’s mobile phone are considered as magic machine and everybody is still surprised, they think about this tiny machine that its magic by which two person can listen each other without any wire. Slowly and slowly Pakistani market started growing in this field. Now Pakistan is considered among the most mobile user countries.

But the question is that how it happen? Who change the tables? Who enter first time in Pakistani Telecommunication market and suddenly change every thing and build a new market in Pakistan. All these question and lots of other will be answered easily after reading this article. “Paktell” was the first company who came in market and got all market share all alone in early stage of Telecommunication market of Pakistan. At that time GSM technology still not introduced in Pakistani market.

It was Mobilink who get entrance and change the tables. Nobody can even think that Mobilink is going to dominate the Paktell. Mobilink came in Pakistan in 1994 it is Orascom Telecom company having headquarter in Islamabad. It has very famous products in market including, JAZZ prepaid, INDIGO postpaid, Mobilink PCO and WiMax. Mobilink is recently serving in 10,000 cities, villages and towns of Pakistan. It has 29.55 million customers by July 2009 according to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). Source of this information is following link. ( Mobilink launched WIMAX internet service in 2008 and now it has become the second largest internet service provider in Pakistan but this service is only available in Karachi at the moment. Now Mobilink has become the market leader of telecommunication industry. The key success factors are including innovation, use of new technology and customer care. This is how Mobilink enter in Pakistan and get the top position in this industry. But this is not the end of this story actually Mobilink‘s success attracts lot of more companies to come in Pakistan. Actual war is going to be start now and Paktell is no more in market it kept losing market share.

In 2001 UFone started its operation which is Pakistani Telecommunication Company. UFone is following the Mobilink by introducing ever new packages or using latest technology. UFone is having 5.1 billion PKR revenue and 20.5 subscriber base as July, 2009. UFone mostly focused on young market of Pakistan. UFone is part of PTCL management as well. Its advertising jingles are most popular in young. UFone is now providing its customers UFone Prepaid, U Post Pay, and GPRS facility to its customers. UFone has 250 franchisees and covering 2336 cities of Pakistan serving very well to its customers.

The entrance of UFone put Paktell in more pressure it is losing its market share very fast. Even Paktell’s management is trying very hard to get their position back but it is too late now.

In 2004 another player enter in the market it was Telenor a Norway based company. It has 21.29 millions of subscriber according to PTA 2009. Telenor is also very fast and using latest technology and start increasing its market share very sharply. Telenor is offering many types of different packages for customer including Talkshalk, djuice, in prepain or Persona easy and Persona Simple in Post paid. Telenor bring the peoples management or talent management concepts and motivate the young people to come and join us. Telenor has 3,000 cities, towns or villages where its services are being provided. Telenor has strategic alliance with Nokia which is competitive advantage for Telenor.

In 2004 another company came in market named Warid Telecom. This owned by Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates after getting license in 2004 Warid started work in 2005 and within 1 year reaches in top level of organization in Pakistan. Warid telecom has 18 million subscriber as 2009. Warid is also providing both Prepaid and Post paid packages to its user from the name of Warid Zahi. This also including in most successful organization of Pakistan, is there any more space in Pakistani market for new company? One more player has to play its game which is from China lets see what is going to happen.

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