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UBL OMNI Branch less Banking

21 century introduced thousand of new things are introduced to the world. Each and every aspect of life has been improved most imported technology has changed the way of life of are human being. Similarly in Pakistan lot of new technologies has been introduced by different vendors. Especially in telecommunication industry the use of mobile phone has been increased in millions of customers and E-banking has totally change the old way of banking in Pakistan. We all know that its very difficult to pay utility bills before 5 or 10 years ago. But now its totally different scenario you can pay your utility bills just using your ATM card, just using your mobile phone, just using your online bank account, through Easy Pesa by Telenor and most better and easy way to pay bills is UBL OMNI introduced by United Bank limited.   

UBL OMNI is all about branch less banking unique type of service in Pakistan. OMNI provide lot of service which are listed below
  • Buy Prepaid Cards: You can buy all prepaid card from OMNI DUKAN 
This very simple way to get card of your company use below code table to get it. For example you need Jazz car of Rs: 100, simply go to your write message option type "J100" and send it to "8257". You will receive voucher code of this card. 
  • Share and send Money
  • View your bills (Lesco, SNGPl and PTCL)
  • Pay Utility Bills without any extra charges
  • Cash Deposit 
  • Cash Withdraw 
  • Check Balance 

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