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Nexus from Google

Nexus from GoogleThe Nexus is under flagship of Google a very smart phone which is for the first time launched on 5th January 2010. Nexus one is brand of HTC corporation this device support many kind of application platforms and also supported Android software. The most amazing feature of that device is the ability to convert text into speech. Google offering at this moment three kinds of devices including Mobile, Tablet and Players.

Google Nexus Phone:

Google now introducing latest smart phones a new device which will support Android 4.1 . After Nexus smartphone Google introduce Galaxy Nexus with joint venture of Samsung. Galaxy Nexus provides very unique kind of feature like Face detection password no need to remember difficult password it will be just turn on watching your face smile. With Google maps you can explore the world anywhere you are it is built in installed in this device. 
Some cool pictures.
                Galaxy Nexus from GoogleGalaxy Nexus from GoogleGalaxy Nexus from Google

Google Nexus 7 Tablet:

Google also introduced amazing designs in tablets with latest equipments and software. Tablet is just like a computer but it looks like mobile you can use it anywhere it is touch screen slim and fast in performance. 
Google TabletGoogle TabletGoogle Tablet

Google Tablet
Key Features

  • Thin, Light and Portable 
  • Stunning Display
  • Less Charging More doing
  • Gaming design 
  • Quad-Core Performance
  • Made for Google Play
  • Worlds Largest collection of e-book
  • Pass the Popcorn (All latest and super hit moves available)
  • 600,000 games and application for Google Nexus 7 available for everyone 
  • You can upload 20,000 song into your Google account for free take your music anywhere you want.
  • Youtube, Google+, Gmail and Google Chrome built in installed
Or visit Google Official website to explore more and order your device today.

Google Nexus Q Players

Being the pioneer of worlds first social streaming media player Google introduce amazing and innovative designs for music players. You can play your music from anywhere, portable, fast and smooth stream from online videos, loud play, can be connected will large display, LCD and Plasma.By using your Google account from your any device like Nexus phone or tablet and it will be played on your Nexus Q player on big screen in your home.
There are some cool pictures and key features of Google Nexus Q player.

Key Features:
  • Worlds First social streaming Media Player 
  • Built to play(Directly play your music or video from your cloud storage to home)
  • Music manager and Music from Google
  • Movies and TV
  • YouTube streaming
  • Q the Party (in party everyone can play music of his/her own choice)
  • Support HV receiver and HDTV 
  • USB support
  • Speaker output

For More features details and pre order visit Google Nexus Q 

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