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5 best cell phone software your device should have

5 best cell phone software your device should have

The following post will discuss about 5 best cell phone software your device should have to enjoy more than just a calling machine. The list has been produced from popular mobile software website This list includes Nimbuzz Messenger, Facebook for mobile, skype for mobile, ebuddy messenger and Opera Mini browser for mobile phone.

5 best cell phone software your device should haveFree Calls and Messaging for connected generation having logo like status for young generation. Nimbuzz is leading mobile phone messenger in the market. Its unique features and performance lead it at the top of cell phone applications. It support almost all kinds of cell phone devices included Android, iphone, Blackberry, Nokia, Java enabled cell phone and Symbian Cell Phones and it is also available for Mac, Tablet and PC. 5 best reason why your cell phone should have Nimbuzz.
1) Free Calls and Messaging
2) Between us (Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz) is Free
3) All in 1 Messaging (SMS/MMS)
4) Socializing, Networking & Gaming 
5) Be There(Use Nibuzz to tell your friends)
Official Website:

Facebook did not require any kind of introduction or review its worlds largest on-line community. Mostly people use Facebook by opening from their cell phones browsers.This is not best way to use Facebook it might looks working well but you will face low speed and browsing your contents. We recommend you to have particularly designed software for Facebook and you will  be experiencing fastest browsing on Facebook from your cell phones.
5 best reasons to use Facebook Mobile Application.
1) Fastest and Quicker
2) Reliable
3) On the edge 
4) Higher Performance
5) Recommended officially from Facebook
Official Website for Facebook Cell Phone:   

3. Skype For Cell Phone:

Skype is the leader in Free video and audio calling software world wide. Now companies launching cell phones with built in Skype applications.Skype for cell phone is powerful application for calling around the world rather than using on PC its is easy to carry and moveable anywhere just like calling from mobile phone. 
5 best reasons for using Skype Application for Cell phone:
1) Easy to Carry
2) Skype to Skype free calls and messaging
3) Receive calls from anywhere
4) Send pictures from your mobile 
5) Just like Walkie-Talkie device 
Official Website of Skype Application on Cell Phone:

4. ebuddy Messenger for cell phone:

5 best cell phone software your device should have-ebuddy messenger

ebuddy messenger is combination of all popular messengers including MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, AIM and Gtalk. All you have to do just download and sign for 1st and last time only than it will automatically sign in to you in your account.  

5 best cell phone software your device should have-ebuddy messenger
5 best reasons for using ebuddy messenger
1) Free real time messaging
2) All in 1 solution for messenger (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Facebook and Gtalk and more)
3) Sign in from single account
4) Fastest and easier 
5) Available for all cell phoned devices

1. Opera Mini Browser for moble phone:

5 best cell phone software your device should have opera miniThe best in mobile phone browsers and the most famous and popular around the globe. In 1994 opera was started as research project in Telenor the leading telecom company of Norway. After 1 year Opera decided to work as independent company and now it has more than 700 employees in it. Opera Mobile browser is very fast and easy to use browser for mobile and it is built in installed on the latest devices. It gives the mobile looks like computer and you will feel that you are using internet on computer rather than on mobile device. 
  • Full HTML internet access
  • Full page view with zoom options
  • Flash supported
  • History
  • Tabs (your most viewed pages will be shown in thumbnails like Google Chrome )
  • History
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