Thursday, June 20, 2013

download voice chatting software free

There was a time when most of mobile phone does not even includes simple text messaging and after this text messaging introduced. After introduction of text messaging we found multimedia messaging as well. Text messaging is still considered one of most used way of communication in the world. This is age of smart phones and tablets people want to get something more out of their mobile phones rather than using it just as calling machine. Video calling is also used on smart phone or voice calling as well but today I found advertisement about Voice Chatting which surprised me. Let me share with you how you can download this free software and install it. 

WeChat offers free downloading of this wonderful software with help of this you can do Voice chat with your friends and family members. Following are features of this application remember this is only used for smart phones.

  • Live Chat facility in latest version for OS and Android phones following is snapshot 
download voice chatting software free download voice chatting software free
  • Chat History and record backup 
download voice chatting software free
  • Group Voice Chat never before this

  • Facebook account log in facility allow you to connect with your Facebook friends 

For more details of feature you can visit We Chat features pages click here

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