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Ham Safar Drama in 3gp

Hamsafar Drama in 3gp

Hamsafr is very good Drama serial on Ham TV which has gain thousands of viewers from all around the Pakistan. Hamsafar is beautiful family darama and its all words, dialogs and scenes are just perfect for a while you will feel its realistic not a TV Drama but you will realize on a short break. It was the best daram after long long time that I have seen on any Pakistani TV channel. All actors have done superb job in this drama and credit goes to the writer and director as well who had created such nice story which has power to attract people once again toward the drama serials rather than short film. 
Main Actors of Hamsafr Drama
  • Mahira Khan as Khirad Ihsan (protagonist)
  • Fawad Afzal Khan as Asher Hussain
  • Naveen Waqar as Sara Ajmal (antagonist)
  • Atiqa Odho as Farida Hussain
  • Behroze Sabzwari as Baseerat Hussain
  • Hina Khawaja Bayat as Zareena Ajmal
  • Noor Hasan as Khizar Alam
  • Qaiser Naqvi as Batool Bano
  • Sara Kashif as Hareem Hussain
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  6. Hamsafar Darama Episode 6 3gp
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  8. Hamsafar Darama Episode 8 3gp
  9. Hamsafar Darama Episode 9 3gp
  10. Hamsafar Darama Episode 10 3gp

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