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Why Nokia launched double SIM Mobile so late in the market?

Why Nokia launched double SIM Mobile so late in the market?

Mobile phones and telecommunication market is on boom and competition between all major companies increasing day by day. Nokia is multinational leader in Mobile phones market and known as name of trust in all over the world. On the other hand competitors of Nokia such as Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Sony Ericson and many other local and international brands especially china mobiles effecting the market trends in Pakistan. China mobiles start the trend of using 2 SIM cards in one phone from where race has been started of introducing 2 SIM mobiles in market. All companies started launching Dual SIM card functionality in market with the passage of time but Nokia keep waiting to launch its first Dual SIM mobile in the market. The idea behind is very simple when there is clutter in the market leaders think always out of the box in order keep their self unique. Nokia is known as best mobile phone company all over the world that’s why they started home work before launching the Dual SIM mobile in the market. Nokia has better market knowledge and better awareness about the national and international trends than any other company in the market. When we saw at first Dual SIM mobiles having lot of technical issue at this time NOKIA just keep cool and writing the weak points. Nokia launched its first Dual SIM mobile might be late but they have redefined the market of Dual SIM mobiles once again Nokia prove that it is the best Mobile phone brand in the world. China made mobile phones have lot of technical issues like SIM 1 having call but when at the same time someone try to call at SIM 2 it will be off even you will not able to see after call that someone trying to call you on other SIM. Another reason is that at starting China mobile phones have no warranty once there is problem with the mobile phone there is no solution to repair it company provides on warranty and technicians do not accept Chinese mobile because it is fear mobile phone will be dead while repairing. So all these points create negative impact on the Dual SIM mobiles but China quickly realizing the situation and started launched mobile phones with warranty of one year even its just by name warranty because LCD, CAMERA, Software, Charger, Hands free, Battery are not included in the warranty.
Nokia came into the market with all its homework and market research and launched its first DUAL SIM mobile in the market with name of            Nokia    C1-00 which is the first Dual Sim mobile from Nokia its very light weight having Dual band 900,1800 MHz, FM supports radio, flashlight and best part of this is wonderful battery timing. Nokia claims that it has 48 days on standby mode and 13 hours of talk time which is superb for all those people who were tired of using weak batteries of Chinese mobile phone batteries.

But it will use only one SIM at one time in order to activate SIM 2 your have to restart the mobile phone. This deficiency has been quickly completed by Nokia when the launched their second Dual SIM mobile in the market with name of Nokia C-2 which has capability of using both SIM cards at the same time.

Market is still on move and latest things are being introduced day by day in the market but Nokia is still on top of mind brand in all over the world. Here is market share in 2011 report

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